March 28, 2008

The first bubbles of spring.. and other pictures

Ok, I have updated pictures! See the March -April 08 folder to the right to view the latest pictures.


Mom got the girls bubbles in their Easter buckets she had at her house. Megan has been bugging me all week to play with them and it was nice enough this evening. (It also worked as great bribery to get her to eat her chicken. I know... bad mommy) They both did pretty good blowing the bubbles this time. Lauren usually blows too soft and Megan too hard. Like Goldilocks, this time they both had it just right.

Overall we had a nice Easter weekend. Saturday I went to a crop (scrapbooking) with April, and Laurie came into town that night on her way out to WVa for her Grandmother's funeral. While I am sad for the reason of the visit, it was nice to spend time with her. She helped Mom and the girls color Easter eggs, and when I got home from the crop helped me stuff eggs for the egg hunt and get the girl's Easter baskets ready.

2008_03_23_0114 Sunday while the girls and I attempted going to church with Mom (unfortunately Lauren lasted about 20 min. and we left early so we did not disturb the service for everyone else) Dad his eggs around the house. Since we got back to Mom and Dad's early we had to wait for Jason to bring Emily and Justin over for the egg hunt. It was not easy distracting the girls when they saw the eggs all over the place. Once Emily got there however the hunt was on! They did great, unfortunately they were too fast and poor Justin didn't stand a chance. Next year he will get his turn! They all ate WAY too much candy during the day and barely ate any dinner. Upset tummies and restless nights were had by all that night. And that was our Easter weekend.

Wednesday we celebrated Dad's (2 weeks late) and Justin's (1 week late) birthdays. Kendra and Jason found construction themed party supplies and went all out for Justin's 1st Birthday. As usual I forgot to bring my camera, but I am sure that Kendra took plenty and will share. I still need to get pictures from the Doodlebop show from her!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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