February 27, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

I know that it is only Wednesday, but I really want it to be Friday! Lauren woke up 4 times last night, and was up for good around 5:15. This makes for a very tired Mommy! On top of being tired I am fighting a sinus infection (I think?) and my ear hurts. Ok, enough whining for now.... on to the real reason for the post.

Megan is growing up so fast. She is doing so well with the nighttime potty training, she is learning so much every day, and she says the cutest things! I need to start writing them down, because of course I forget them them by the time I want to scrapbook or type up a blog post. She has started bargaining lately. Eric or I will read her a story before she goes to bed, and then we leave the hall light on so she can look at some books in bed until she falls asleep. She will ask for another story and start to bargain. "If you read me one more story I promise I will go to sleep" .. and then we say "If you do not be quiet and go to sleep we will turn the hall light off".. "but Mommy, if you read me just one more story I will go to sleep... please?" (Ok... sometimes it works, but we try to be firm!)

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